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Season boxed sets

Season one boxed set

Season two boxed set issued May 1997

Season three boxed set issued November 1997

Season four boxed set issued November 1998

Season five boxed set issued June 1999

This is in a horrible bright orange box, the same format as the other boxes. There are 5 tapes in the box. The pictures on the box are from the movie. They are of Mulder and Scully starring out at the camera not at all nice.

The episode Bunghoney (about a nasty doll) was originally called Chinga. I donít know why it was changed but I think it was because Chinga was something rude in Spanish?

Season six boxed set issued February 2000

Season seven boxed set issued October 2000

Season eight boxed set issued February 2002

Season nine boxed set issued May 2003



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