Odds and ends 6

  X Window Cling - large

[Linux runs X-Windows and thats cool]

A large unused window sticker from the UK.


X Window Cling - small

[There's Klingons off the starboard bow]

A small unused window sticker to advertise seasons 4 and 5 trading cards.


Movie Pass

[Movie pass]

This pass was given out by BAFTA for a special screening of the Fight the Future movie on 22nd of July 1998.


Press Pack

[X-Files press pack]

This official press pack contains 4 photographs and booklets about the film cast and crew of Fight the Future.


Movie Pass from the US


Medical Scrub

This a rather unusual piece of memorabilia. It is made from rather scratchy cotton and I have no idea when you would actually wear it. The X-Files logo is embroidered on the left pocket.


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