Odds and ends 2

Model Kits

I now have the 2 Juniper Model Kits these are white plastic Kits, which you can glue together and then paint. I haven’t even opened mine they show David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson rather than Mulder and Scully and are not “Official” X-Files merchandise. The likeness to the actors is not bad its better than the XF busts which I haven’t got and probably wont as I don’t like them anyway.  

1996 pocket planner & Season guide

X-Files folders

These two folders came from the official X-Files fan club site.

Postcard and Film

This is a postcard and a strip of the Fight The Future movie featuring 5 frames. I have two of these. One featuring Mulder and one featuring Scully.


The Xmas Files

A parody of the X-Files on audio tape from 1997.

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