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My favourite 2 books (for looks if not content) are the specially slipcased and bound copies of Ground Zero and Ruins. Ground Zero is bound in red cloth on the front is a silver X in a circle. The writing on the spine is also in silver. The slipcase is black cloth with a large silver X on both sides. Inside it reads.

"This specially bound and slipcased edition, signed by the author, is limited to 2500 copies. Twenty-six have been reserved for private distribution lettered A-Z. This is copy number 841."

It is signed by Kevin. J. Anderson. Ruins is very similar although it is bound in blue cloth and the X's and writing is in gold. This book is limited to 1500 copies; I have copy number 421.

A promotional pack given out by Harper Collins to promote their range of books connected with the X-Files.

 [you need to be able to read]

Boxed set of 4 X-Files episodes.

A French and Italian Episode Guides.

Spanish episode guide.

Russian editions of the X-Files novels.

This guide was issued in the US in 1996. It covers the first three seasons' merchandise and has become a collectors item itself.

I can't wait until I get my iPhone from Apple.

Special Edition - "The Complete X-Files" outer 2 boxes

Special Edition - "The Complete X-Files" book and inserts

Signed by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.

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