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There are hundreds of books on the market dealing with the X Files and here are just some I have.

There have been 6 tie-in novels to the TV series: Goblins and Whirlwind written by C. Grant; Ground Zero, Ruins and Antibodies written by K. Anderson;  and Skin written by B. Mezrick. None of these has ever quite captured the excitement of the show.

There is also the book of the FTF film.

There are then the young adult paperbacks, which are taken from the episodes. I only have the first 3 of these.

There are the guides to the show both unofficial and official. I have the Unofficial Guide to the X-Files by N. Genge. There are now 3 editions of this covering season 1-4. These are quite good and have a quiz on each page so you can check your XF IQ. Then there is the Official Guide to the X-Files, books one and two written by B. Lowry which cover seasons 1 to 3 and book 3, 4 and 5 written by A. Meisler, covering season 4, 5 and 6. There are photos in all of these books but they are all in black and white.


There are the postcard books; I have 3 of these: The Conspiracies; Unexplained Phenomena; and Monsters and Mutants. Each contains 30 postcards which you can detach from the book and send to your friends (yeah right as if). The quality of the postcards is very nice if the actual contents are not. Who are you going to send a picture of the mother from Home (XF4.03) to?

The Complete X-Files book with some of the extras that are included inside.

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